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The Schedule of AFTEA, Inc. Delegates for "Return to Share" 2016!




Prepared by:  

Roger Cuerquez, Ph.D. (ABD) - Vice-Chairman for Internal Affairs 









1.   Roger Cuerquez

2.   Ildefonso Salva

3.   Essy Malibiran

4.   Femia Patron

5.   Pancho Bernaldez

6.   Dioso Torre

7.   Artenita Dante

8.   Vivian Alforque

9.    Minerva Diaz

10.  Griselda Quintana (for Visayas only)

11.  Leonarda Villaceran (for Visayas only)

12.  Norma Cullo (for Visayas and Mindanao)

13.  Noli Ceballos (for Mindanao only)

14.  Lerma Dubalan




July 30, 2016 (Saturday)

AFTEA, Inc. Delegation for One-Day Seminar Workshop at Urios University, Butuan, Mindanao



August 13, 2016 (Saturday) 

AFTEA, Inc. Delegation for One-Day Seminar Workshop at Palawan State University, Palawan, Mindanao


The teachers and education students have the opportunity to hear some topics they have always wanted to understand. These topics are the following:
I. Classroom Strategies/Instructional Strategies
- Feedback
- Questions
- Organizers

II. Differentiated Instruction
- Content
- Process
- Product
- Learning Environment

III. Common Core Strategies
- Classroom Management
- Accommodation
- Student Motivation
- Assessment
- Diverse Learners
- Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

IV. Classroom Technologies for all Subject Areas
- Graphing Calculator
- Smart Board
- Geometer Sketchpad
- Online personal/school website

V. “Links of Interest” created, and organized by the Association of Filipino Teachers in Eastern America, Inc. (AFTEA, Inc.) at




August 19, 2016 (Friday) 

AFTEA, Inc. Delegation for One-Day Seminar Workshop at St. Bridget College, Batangas City, Luzon



August 23, 2016 (Tuesday)

AFTEA Delegation for One-Day Seminar Workshop at Regional Science High School for Region VI, Kalibo, Aklan, Visayas

















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Quote of the Day


  • "Congratulations to all awardees of the successful first Filipino International Teaching Service Award held in New York City! You are World class teachers.... with International ..."
    Roger Cuerquez, Ph.D. (ABD)
    Teacher at NYC DOE, and AFTEA, Inc. Vice-Chairman
  • " Pancho, you have the charismatic qualities of a leader and are assisted by leaders as well. You are a group of wonderful professionals. Hats off to AFTEA!"
    Virginia Cu
    Teacher at New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE)


Thank you, and congratulations!

Thank you for supporting the Association of Filipino Teachers in Eastern America, Inc. (AFTEA, INC.).

We, the AFTEA, INC., is committed to creating the most open and accessible educational organization in history. That begins with sharing the "resources" or links of interests, the educationally-related sites, for all educators worldwide; recognizing all "outstanding individuals" of their achievements in the field of education; linking with you the Filipino/non-Filipino group of teachers, friends, and educator proponents all over the world, as well as help advertising the different teachers' groups or groups of educators in global scale via our well-known and famous website, mobile site, face book, and other social media outlets; spearheading our group educational tours for all teachers/friends across other states, as well as other countries internationally; and performing our International "Travel To Share" program in the Philippines, and eventually reaching out the other countries as well.

Due to the success of the 1st Filipino International Teaching Service (FITS) award that was held on April 30 at Astoria World Manor, New York City, New York, USA, we can't thank you enougn for all your encouragement and support you have shown for our group, AFTEA, Inc., especially the awe-inspiring support from the Philippine Government through the office of the Philippine Consulate, New York at http//, with Consul General Mario Lopez de Leon Jr. who was represented by Deputy Consul Officer: Deputy Consul General, Kira Christianne Danganan-Azucena. And of course, to our ever dynamic AFTEA, Inc, Chairman, Ms. Eufemia Patron, to the legitimate support from our Legal counsel, Atty. Mario Bejasa, at Mario Bejasa Law Office, with the extraordinary support from the executive board members, consultants/board of directors, bona fide members, chapter officers/members, FITS awardees, teacher/non-teacher supporters, performers, photographer volunteers and guests.

Because of your presence, this wonderful and memorable event was realized. Thanks a million!

The Awarding Ceremony for Teachers recognizing them for the service they had/have rendered as educators in the U.S.A. during our amazing "Light of the World" Service Awards for Teachers, that was held on February 15, 2015, was indeed a successful event!  

Absolutely, this was not possible without the following: 1) the heavenly encouragement by our Almighty God; 2) the fantastic support from my family; 3) the untiring assistance from AFTEA, INC. with members together with their families, headed by Chairman, Dr. Eufemia Patron, and officers: Ildefonso Salva (Vice Chairman), Dr. Roger Cuerquez (Secretary), Essy Malibiran (Asst. Secretary), Celeste Casinillo Libradilla (Treasurer), Erma Cabanero (Auditor), Edna Abbles Alcantara (PRO), Elsie Paragas Reyes (Business Manager), Dr. Alexie Banaag (Science Coordinator), Regina Cantomayor (Math Coordinator), and AFTEA, INC. Consultants: Dioso Torre, Pilar Calubiran, Dr. Mayette Geraldino, Dr. Griselda Quintana, Dr. Rosalinda Castiglioni, Dr. Nerissa Linell Calub, and Dr. Sheila Dalilah Buot; 4) the initial support from our Initial Directors of the Corporation: Yours truly, Pancho Bernaldez, Dioso Torre, Wilhelmina Torralba, Cesar Ebonia, Dr. Roger Cuerquez, Edna Alcantara, Celeste Casinillo Libradilla, Unesima Malibiran, Rena Pedaria, Marcelo Inot, Dr. Nerissa Linell Calub, Ma. Apasra (Pops) Singson, Ruel Lasdoce, and Charon Sioson; 5) the awe-inspiring support from the Philippine Government through the office of the Philippine Consulate, New York with Consul General Mario Lopez de Leon Jr. who was represented by Consul Officer Atty. Kerwin Tate; 6) the legitimate support from our very own Legal Counsel, Atty. Mario Bejasa Jr.; 7) the remarkable support from our Awardees/Honorees in the field of education: Dr. Mayette Geraldino (NYC Big Apple Awards 2013 recipient), Marvin Cadornigara (NYC DOE Excellence in School Technology Awards 2014 recipient), Ramil Buenaventura (NYC DOE Big Apple Awards 2014 recipient), Edgardo"Gary" Castro (2012 - 2013 Virginia Northhampton County Public Schools Division Teacher of the Year), Dr. Roger Cuerquez (Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Awards 2007 recipient), and Cheryl Maria Diangco (SLOAN Awards 2011 recipient), and other Awardees/Honorees as well; 8) the extraordinary support from our chapter officers, and members headed by Meriam Guiral, our Vice-President of Washington, D.C., who represented Dr. Alma Evardone Ang, the chapter President, Cecilia Rosacena, our President of Maryland chapter, and Edgardo Castro, our Representative/Chairman of Virginia chapter; 9) the admirable support from the Filipino Educators in America whose mission is for grand reunion matters with batches taking care of what needs to be done, and has been facilitated by Dr. Nerissa Linell "Joy" Calub; 10) the amazing support from Unified FilAm Educators Group headed by Madam Lumen Castaneda, the Founding Chairman, who was represented by her Presidents: Melvin Damaolao,and Ronie Lumauag Mataquel; 11) the fabulous support from AFTA group headed by Prof. Lilia Juele, and President, Dr. Raul Cajegas, who were represented by Ramil Buenaventura, the 2014 NYC Big Apple Awardee; 12) The magnificent support from Ernesto Pamolarco Jr., the founder of Youth Success Global Foundation (YSGF), and members; 13) the enjoyable support from our D.J. and D.I. teacher, the couple: Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Malasarte; 14) the tremendous support from our excellent photographers, the couple: Mr. & Mrs. Catherine Demetria, and volunteers, for both pictorial and videos; 15) the strange support from those who were not able to attend to, but their hearts are supporting; and 16) the outstanding support from all Filipino teacher awardees, and proponents who in one way or another made this wonderful, memorable, and historic event into a reality.  Thank you all for your presence.

To the U.S. Government through the office of New York City Department of Education with Chancellor, Carmen Farina, and other States Department of Education as well, we can't thank you enough for sponsoring us as International teachers coming from the Philippines since 2003.  Thanks a million.

To all our friends, proponents, and supporters, too, around the world, please accept our sincere appreciation, and gratefulness for visiting our web page everyday. Again, thank you so much.

On behalf of the Association of Filipino Teachers in Eastern America, Inc. (AFTEA, INC.) with website:; mobile site:; and education face book pages:, and ,  thank you again for all your support.


Pancho Bernaldez

Founding Chairman 

Website Developer/Creator/ Researcher


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