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The inception of the Association of Filipino teachers in Eastern America, Inc. (AFTEA, Inc.) started on 2004 right here in New York City.  Based on my observation, when I came here in New York City back in 2003 as one of the 700 hired Filipino teachers recruited by the New York City Board of Education (NYCBOE), together, we felt that kind of happiness of achieving the "American Dream" to serve the American students in the United States of America.  So right on that time as we started teaching, we already made up our minds to plan something better, something that we, as Filipino teachers in the US, should strengthen ourselves in the community, as well as support one another in times of necessity or obligation, a kind of circumstances in which all of us are involved to do some course of actions, all-important and essential, not optional, for the common good of students, parents and teachers in the educational community.
The Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States, the 1st Amendment guarantees freedom concerning specifically, the right of assembly for our group's common purposes: building lives, building families, and building professions.  Inspired by our spirit of giving and helping for those who are in need, we'd extended our voluntary financial contributions to some Filipino teachers who were sick.  It is on this reason why our group was started and organized in 2006.
Please check our group's mission statement, 
Interestingly, you know, these teachers are our contemporary friends back in 2003, 2004 & forward.  In fact, most of them are E-World teachers from 2003 to 2005.  Others are from Health Quest and other recruiting agency from 2006 and onwards.  Absolutely, our wonderful & amazing recruiting agency, E-World Resources, had given us all the seminars with all the topics needed such as classroom management & discipline and other topics as well, beginning in 2003 to make us ready to teach the American students in the USA and to pass their own agency's oral interview and written test as a requirement for qualification in order to be able to face the actual oral interview and written test to be given by the New York City Board of Education's group of interviewers upon coming to the Philippines.
Luckily, the New York City Board of Education (NYCBOE) recruiters who'd really looked for more teachers of various areas to fill the vacant teaching positions needed in the city accepted around 700 Filipino teachers including myself, from all over the Philippines who really passed their own oral interviews and written tests/essays during their screening of applicants that was held respectively in Manila and Cebu, Philippines in 2003.
This evidence has always encouraged each and everyone of us that the New York City Board of Education congratulating us for choosing a career in teaching with their school system in order to share with the American students the joy of learning, the security of knowledge and the satisfaction of knowing that we are making a difference in their lives, and most of all we are preparing them to meet the challenges of our global society in the 21st century.
With this letter of assurance, we got the H1B-Visas and corresponding H4 Visas for our individual Filipino teacher families, and joyfully left for New York City by batches starting in the month of September 2003 till 2004.   

Beginning in 2004 right here in New York City, we did the first move - listing the names of Filipino teachers who've arrived in New York City from 2003, and even those teachers who transferred in New York from other states.  Tirelessly, we'd continued doing that listing till 2008.
What we did to get their names is that, in every Filipino teacher's gathering in New York City and other states when we, the group officers together visited out there, and in every professional development we have had sponsored exclusively by the New York City Board of Education (NYCBOE) for all teachers of various specializations and other sources as well, I purposely asked each Filipino teacher we had met to write his/her name on my prepared list. 

As a matter of fact, we have in here a lists of Filipino teachers who had/have thought the American students across the United States of America (USA).  Please see attachments.
As we started thinking of organizing the group, my kind and dedicated teacher friends namely; Mr. Dioso Torre, Ms. Essy Malibiran, Ms. Edna Alcantara, Mr. Roger Cuerquez, Ms. Celeste Casinillo Libradilla and Ms. Mina Torralba, planned to call up all the Filipino teachers based in New York City for a Christmas Party on December 22, 2006, inviting them via sending emails and calling by phone.  Check it out,
It was so fantastic, impressive and amazing Christmas party that for the first time in history the new New York City Board of Education(NYCBOE) teacher recruits and newly arrived teachers from the Philippines since 2003 to 2006 by batches attended to our 1st party right here in the greatest city of the world, a city that never sleeps, New York City!  Having said that, we elected our 1st set of officers of AFTEA, Inc. under my humble leadership starting in 2006,
Right after the election of officers of that year, we, the set of officers directly made an "action plan" for each and every activity that we had for the group, and consistently follow those plans.


Certified by the New York State Department of Education with names of teachers who'd signed for the CORPORATION:

INITIAL DIRECTORS OF THE CORPORATION:                                              

PANCHO BERNALDEZ                                

DIOSO TORRE                                           

WILHELMINA TORRALBA                           

CESAR EBONIA                                        

ROGER CUERQUEZ, Ph. D.                                   

EDNA ALCANTARA, Ph. D.                                    

CELESTE CASINILLO                                 

ESSY MALIBIRAN, Ph. D.                         

RENA PEDARIA                                        

MARCELO INOT                                                                 

NERISSA LINELL CALUB, Ed. D., Ph.D.                             

POPS SINGSON                                        

RUEL LASDOCE                                        

















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