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Literacy Resources - Reading, writing and speaking are the most basics in literacy, just like the computer literacy is becoming as essential as the ability to drive a car.  The truth of the matter is that far more resources are needed to improve our young and adult literacy.  Surely, on this page, you can absolutely find the best sites for reading, writing and even speaking English language or any other languages from around the world.  It's impressive!  Why not trying to explore now?










  • "Congratulations to all awardees of the successful first Filipino International Teaching Service Award held in New York City! You are World class teachers.... with International ..."
    Roger Cuerquez, Ph.D.
    Teacher at NYC DOE, and AFTEA, Inc. President
  • " Pancho, you have the charismatic qualities of a leader and are assisted by leaders as well. You are a group of wonderful professionals. Hats off to AFTEA!"
    Virginia Cu
    Teacher at New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE)

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