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The "Return to Share" of AFTEA, Inc. 2018!


AFTEA, Inc.'s Back2Back Return to Share Program - Aug. 28, Zamboanga City, Philippines

AM:  Pilar College - The school suspends class to give way to the PD! 

PM:  Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School Department  


Resource speaker:  Dr. Elsie Benedicto Reyes (w/ green t-shirt)

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AFTEA, Inc. Return to Share Program:  Seminar Workshop in LPU 2018

The Resource speakers in Batangas City?




Resource speakers (Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines):

1). Dr. Roger Cuerquez

2). Dr./Engr. Ildefonso Salva 

3). Ms. Celeste Libradilla

4). Dr.. Cruzim Cuerquez 

5). Dr. Vivian Alforque 




General Manager: Dr. Roger Cuerquez

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Resource speakers (Zamboanga City, Philippines):

1). Dr. Elsie Benedicto Reyes

2). Dr. Roger Cuerquez

3). Dr. Elmer Mojica

4). Dr. Shamir Reyes Kassim 

5). Dr. Vivian Alforque

6). Dr./Engr. Ildefonso Salva  

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Of course, with the help of Dr. Bejerano and Dr. Kassim, and some AFTEA, Inc. Officers, Dr. Mojica and Prof. Elsie Benedicto's superb staffs, the PD is very successful.    



2). Engr. Ildef
2). Engr. Ildef
2). Engr. Ildef 

The Schedule of AFTEA, Inc. Delegates for "Return to Share" 2016!




Prepared by:  

Roger Cuerquez, Ph.D. (ABD) - Former Vice-Chairman for Internal Affairs, and now he is the President/Chairman of AFTEA, Inc. 









1.   Roger Cuerquez

2.   Ildefonso Salva

3.   Essy Malibiran

4.   Femia Patron

5.   Pancho Bernaldez

6.   Dioso Torre

7.   Artenita Dante

8.   Vivian Alforque

9.    Minerva Diaz

10.  Griselda Quintana (for Visayas only)

11.  Leonarda Villaceran (for Visayas only)

12.  Norma Cullo (for Visayas and Mindanao)

13.  Noli Ceballos (for Mindanao only)

14.  Lerma Dubalan




July 30, 2016 (Saturday)

AFTEA, Inc. Delegation for One-Day Seminar Workshop at Urios University, Butuan, Mindanao



August 13, 2016 (Saturday) 

AFTEA, Inc. Delegation for One-Day Seminar Workshop at Palawan State University, Palawan, Mindanao


The teachers and education students have the opportunity to hear some topics they have always wanted to understand. These topics are the following:
I. Classroom Strategies/Instructional Strategies
- Feedback
- Questions
- Organizers

II. Differentiated Instruction
- Content
- Process
- Product
- Learning Environment

III. Common Core Strategies
- Classroom Management
- Accommodation
- Student Motivation
- Assessment
- Diverse Learners
- Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

IV. Classroom Technologies for all Subject Areas
- Graphing Calculator
- Smart Board
- Geometer Sketchpad
- Online personal/school website

V. “Links of Interest” created, and organized by the Association of Filipino Teachers in Eastern America, Inc. (AFTEA, Inc.) at




August 19, 2016 (Friday) 

AFTEA, Inc. Delegation for One-Day Seminar Workshop at St. Bridget College, Batangas City, Luzon



August 23, 2016 (Tuesday)

AFTEA Delegation for One-Day Seminar Workshop at Regional Science High School for Region VI, Kalibo, Aklan, Visayas

















  • "To all the AFTEA, Inc.'s Doctors of Philosophy in Management Specialized in Education, namely: Dr. Roger P. Cuerquez, Dr. Leonarda R. Villaceran, Dr. Elsie P. Reyes, Dr. Edn..."
    Dr. Norma Menez
    DEAN Graduate School at Lyceum of the Philippines University
  • " Wow! Happy & proud to see you all! Congratulations for finishing your Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Management at Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas, and more s..."
    Dr. Esmenia Javier
    Professor at Lyceum of the Philippines University - Batangas

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