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Building Lives, Building Families, and Building Professions

The "Return to Share" or "Balik-Ibahagi" Program/Project


There are some dedicated Filipino teachers in the United States of  America or from any country around the world who have shared with us the importance of giving back something, academically and professionally, to our motherland.  This educational service of giving a piece of expertise to the Philippines includes a teacher training program, the AFTEA, Inc. one of the projects in the 21st Century.  These enthusiastic lecturers/resource speakers are the following: 


Name of teacher volunteers                   Year(s) of service           Location (s) 

  1. Dr. Shamir Kassim                       2019, 2018           Zamboanga City
  2. Dr. Norma Cullo                            2018                    Batangas City
  3. Dr. Josie Torre                              2018                     Batangas City
  4. Dr. Edna Alcantara                           2018            Batangas City
  5. Dr. Regina Ledesma                      2018                Batangas City
  6. Dr. Cruzim Cuerquez                       2019, 2018   Cagayan de Oro City
  7. Ms. Celeste Libradilla                      2018   Cagayan de Oro City
  8. Dr. Eufemia Patron                     2016     Kalibo, Aklan, Batangas City,                                                                      Butuan City & Caraga Region
  9. Dr. Griselda Quintana                  2016, 2012         Kalibo, Aklan
  10. Dr. Isagani Celzo                       2020, 2016              Anda, Pangasinan & Manila
  11. Mr. Dioso Torre                            2016, 2009            Kalibo, Aklan
  12. Dr. Essy Malibiran                2018, 2016       Kalibo, Aklan &                                                                                             Batangas City
  13. Dr. Vivian Alforque          2019, 2018, 2016      Zamboanga City,                                   Cagayan de Oro City, Kalibo, Aklan, Batangas City,     Pagadian City, Butuan City & Caraga Region
  14. Mr. Noli Ceballos                         2016                    Iligan City 
  15. Ms. Artenita Dante                      2023, 2016    Davao City, Davao del Norte, Kalibo, Aklan & Batangas City
  16. Ms. Lerma Dubalan                       2016           Kalibo, Aklan
  17. Dr. Leonarda Villaceran               2018, 2016  Batangas City, Kalibo,                                                                                           Aklan
  18. Maria Rose Pomera                         2019                Butuan City
  19. Ms. Minerva Diaz                            2016                Batangas City
  20. Dr & Engr. Ildefonso Salva        2019, 2018, 2016, 2015, 2014 & 2013                           Zamboanga City, Cagayan de Oro City, Kalibo, Aklan,                               Batangas City, Butuan City, Caraga Region & Cebu City
  21. Dr. Roger Cuerquez          2019,2018, 2016, 2015 & 2012   Zamboanga                          City, Batangas City, Cagayan de Oro City, Butuan City,  Caraga Region, Bukidnon & Region 10
  22. Dr. Eleuterio F. Timbol Jr.                2006 to 2014           Manila, Bacolod and Laguna
  23. Ms. Agnes Claribel Labis                 2015        Cagayan de Oro City
  24. Ms. Miles Aguas                      2015         San Fernando, Pampanga
  25. Mr. Ceasar Ebonia                       2015             Cagayan de Oro City 
  26. Dr. Marvin Cadornigara            2018, 2015    Quezon City &  Iloilo City                                 
  27. Mr. Regie Vergara                                     2014             Cebu City
  28. Dr. Alma Evandone Ang                              2014             Cebu City
  29. Dr. Marietta Timblaco-Geraldino          2013          Surigao City 
  30. Ms. Julieta Sasuman                              2013            Antipolo City
  31. Dr. Elsie Paragas Reyes             2019, 2018, 2013       Batangas City,                                                                   Zamboanga City
  32. Dr. Sheila Buot                                          2009 to 2011        Cebu City
  33. Dr. Rosalinda Castiglioni                             2009                  La Union
  34. Mr. Joel Agustin                                         2011 & 2010              Baguio City
  35. Dr. Rosalinda Sevillejo-Bajolo               2018               Batangas City
  36. Ms. May Hope Acero                            2009             Bacolod City
  37. Mr. Ladislao Jaca                                2004 to 2016       Cebu City 
  38. Mr. Pancho Bernaldez                    2016, 2014, 2012 & 2009     Kalibo, Aklan, Batangas City, Quezon City, Cagayan de Oro City,  Iligan City,  Davao City, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Valencia City, Davao del Norte & Region 10                                                                                       
Our Filipino Teacher Recipient of the Empire State Excellence in Teaching Award goes to DR. ELEUTERIO F. TIMBOL JR.!    CONGRATULATIONS! 
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Our warmest congratulations to DR. ROGER CUERQUEZ and DR. ILDEFONSO SALVA!  Remarkable!
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We would like to acknowledge our very best presenters in their respective webinars as shown below. 


This is to present to you that three of our proud AFTEAns bagged the Outstanding Researcher and Outstanding NPRE Advisory Board member award rated by the Lumina Foundation on their Luminary Excellence in Education and RESEARCH Awards 2021. 
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It is our great pleasure to recognize our very own new Doctors (Ph.D.s) with flying colors of AFTEA, Inc.!  And now, presenting to you  our 1st Batch with gratitude are (L-R):
 Dr. Ildefonso D. Salva
Dr. Leonarda R. Villaceran
Dr. Elsie P. Reyes
Dr. Edna D. Alcantara
Dr. Rosalinda S. Bajolo
Dr. Nonie D. Cullo
Dr. Essy N. Malibiran
Dr. Josie M. Torre
Dr. Regina O. Ledesma
Dr. Vivian Y. Alforque 
Dr. Roger P. Cuerquez
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Our warmest congratulations to the LPU Academic Excellence Awardees: Dr. Vivian Alforque, Dr. Ildefonso Salva, Dr. Roger Cuerquez, Dr. Essy Malibiran, Dr. Josie Torre and Dr. Rosalinda Bajolo.  Absolutely, you made a remarkable journeys in your lives!  Way to go!

Of course, AFTEA, Inc., is proud of you including all other LPU Ph.D. graduates, namely:  Dr. Edna Alcantara, Dr. Norma Cullo, Dr. Leonarda Villaceran (Best Research paper presenter in the International Virtual Research Conference on Education (IVRCED), Dr. Elsie Paragas Reyes and Dr. Regina Ledesma. 

Again, congratulations!

Mabuhay ang LPU!  Mabuhay ang AFTEA, Inc.!  Mabuhay tayong lahat!

To God Be the Glory!








AFTEA,Inc. representative, Dr. Shamir Kassim based in Zamboanga City, was the one receiving the International Outstanding Teacher Organization Award held at Bangkok, Thailand  

According to Dr. Kassim that the International Education Summit and Awards (IESA 2020) is a summit of educators all over the globe representing 20 more countries across the four (4) continents.  Moreover, it is also an awarding ceremony of individuals, schools and teacher organization which epitomize service and dedication towards education.

The Association of Filipino teachers in Eastern America, Incorporated (AFTEA, Inc.), has been awarded for being the International Outstanding Teacher Organization of this international because of its selfless service in helping Filipino teachers in America and internationally recognized professional development for teachers in the Philippines.  This paved the way in the conferment of this international recognition.

Indeed, AFTEA, Inc., embodies the theme for this year's IESA 2020, "QUALITY EDUCATION IN THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD SCENARIO - THE WAY FORWARD", Dr. Kassim said.

Being the Zamboanga City Chapter Coordinator, yours truly is the chosen representative of the organization to receive the award and experience the Education Summit for educators at Divalux Resort and Spa, Bangkok, Thailand.

Congratulations AFTEA! 








Our 2018 "Balik Turo" or "Return to Share" vigorous lecturers 


AFTEA, Inc.'s Back2Back Return to Share Program - Aug. 28 

AM:  Pilar College - The school suspends class to give way to the PD! 

PM:  Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School Department 


Resource speaker:  Prof. Elsie Benedicto Reyes







AFTEA, Inc. Return to Share Program:  Seminar Workshop in LPU, Batangas City





AFTEA, Inc. Return to Share Program:  Seminar Workshop in Cagayan de Oro City

Our very own Dr. Roger Cuerquez,  our Resource speaker & the current President/Chairman of AFTEA, Inc. 


 Resource speaker, Ms. Celeste Libradilla


Our  Resource speaker, Prof. Cruzim Cuerquez

Another  Resource speaker, Engr. Ildefonso Salva 

 Invited Resource speaker







AFTEA, Inc. Return to Share Program:  Seminar Workshop in Zamboanga City

Our Resource speakers, Prof. Elsie Paragas Reyes, Dr. Roger Cuerquez and Dr. Elmer Mojica ( L - R )


Our Resource speaker, Prof. Elsie Paragas Reyes


Our another Resource speaker, Dr. Elmer Mojica



 Our Resource speaker, Prof. Vivian Alforque

Our another Resource speaker, Dr. Shamir Reyes  Kassim




Each participant is given a Certificate of Appreciation from HEXACENTER




Proudly, our 2016 "Balik Turo" vigorous lecturers are shown of the abovementioned list.  Check it out more @



Our 2015 "Balik Turo" vigorous resource speakers are:

1. Prof. Ildefonso Salva

Professor Ildefonso Salva, the AFTEA, Inc. Officer, Resource Speaker, NASA Researcher, and Math Teacher @ Mott Haven Village Preparatory High School (NYCDOE) is an Electronics Engineer by profession.  

Engr. Salva was doing his "Return to Teach" or "Balik Turo" mission to the Electromechanic Students of CITE (Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise), Technical Institute, Cebu City, Philippines.  He was presenting on "The Mathematics and Applications Behind Warping and Morphing", a NASA research project he had recently finished, and shared together with other smart guys in 2015. 

On 2014, his research project entitled, "Mathematics Behind Image Compression: An Experiment of Mean Compression of Various Sizes and Their Relative Compression Ratio of NASA Images" was published again via "International Journal of Data Envelopment Analysis and *Operations Research*", Science and Education Publishing.  

During the 2013 City College Symposium in New York City, his team was chosen to share their research with the educational community, and Prof. Salva was requested to present his NASA research project on "Mathematics Behind Image Compression."  He proudly said, "I just did it!  I happily delivered my presentation to high caliber scholars, teachers, scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and technical people at the City College of New York - Shepard Hall.  It was an awesome experience." 

Prof. Salva's 2013 research project on "Mathematics Behind Image Compression" was published via Journal Of Student Research.  In fact, this is his third year as a researcher with NASA-NYCRI. 


Find it out:




2.  Prof. Agnes Claribel Labis

Ms. Claribel Labis is a teacher in New York City Department of Education.  She loved to share her expertise and talent she has used with the group of Filipino teachers coming from Cagayan de Oro City and Misamis Oriental about educational technologies for global competitiveness on navigating through sped applications for both teachers and students.


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3.  Prof. Miles Aguas

Ms. Aguas is a Special Educator at Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS), and the International Forum on Religious Education and Theological Studies in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.  Prof. Aguas is a compassionate and generous teacher.  In fact, she shared her precious time and best practices in teaching reading to kindergarten pupils.  In addition, she even provided school supplies and reading materials to the same kindergarten pupils of Maimpis Elementary School at San Fernando, Pampanga.  Because of her passion of sharing her talent and expertise, she has  traineda group of teachers on how to design a differentiated lessons for the students.  Heartily, she says, "this is my humble way of giving back to my DepEd family."


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4.  Prof. Roger Cuerquez

Mr. Cuerquez is a high school math teacher at Flushing High School in Queens, New York City.  Affectionately, he shared with the group of Filipino teachers coming from Cagayan de Oro City and Misamis Oriental about educational technologies for global competitiveness on edmodo as a social e-learning tool for both teachers and students.


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5.  Prof. Ceasar Ebonia

Mr. Ebonia is a high school math teacher at Ebc for Public Service Bushwick School in New York City.  Like Prof. Cuerquez, together, he compassionately shared with the group of Filipino teachers coming from Cagayan de Oro City and Misamis Oriental about educational technologies for global competitiveness on geometer's sketchpad for both teachers and students.


Find out more:




6. Prof. Marvin Cadornigara

Prof. Marvin Cadornigara, shared his workshop and professional development presentations specifically on online assessments, and other online professional development as well, with fellow teachers back home in Quezon City, Manila & Iloilo City during his "Balik-Turo" or "Return to Teach" community service including NDES, Philippines.


Explore the following links: 





Our one of the Nation's Top Educators 2016 and same time one of the Top 50 Semi-Finalists of the Global Teacher Prize Search goes to MR. ARIS PANGILINAN, the Washington, DC Teacher.


During the Teacher Appreciation Week, President Obama was welcoming the 2016 National Teacher of the Year JAHANA HAYES and some of the nation's top educators to the White House to honor their public service.

Check it out: 


And, the only Asian and Filipino teacher from among the awardees who received the $10,000.00 from President Obama for being one of the nation's Top Educators of the Year 2016, and at the same time, one of the nation's Top 50 Semi- Finalists of the GLOBAL TEACHER SEARCH out of 8,000 teachers from around the world sponsored by Varkey Foundation of Dubai is awarded to ARIS PANGILINAN! 


Mr. Aris Pangilinan, was originally a teacher in the Philippines.  He has been teaching maths in an impoverished area of Washington, DC for 13 years.  While teaching at Washington, DC, he has developed a variety of engaging teaching styles, and has used online resources extensively for assessment, application and enrichment.  As a result, the students have been achieving outstanding academic success by receiving Bill Gates Scholarships, and winning the STEM competitions as well.  Due to his impressive performance in the field of education, he has won several awards including the US Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching for his efforts to improve academic access for all.  He is absolutely a great Filipino teacher.






Our Nominee of the 2016 Arizona Educational Foundation (AEF) for Arizona Teacher of the Year, Former 2014 Middle School Science Teacher of the Year, and two-time McKellips Awardee, Arizona, United States of America...

Introducing Mr. Baldwin G. Gutierrez, Author, Community Service Coordinator and Science Teacher at Mohave Valley Jr. High School located in Mohave Valley, Mohave County, Arizona, U.S.A.


Mr. Baldwin Gutierrez hails from Batangas, Philippines.  He had graduated his college at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos, Laguna before he left for the United States.  He is now a high school science teacher at Mohave Valley High School in Arizona, U.S.A.  Due to his educational accomplishments, he is nominated as 2016 AEF Arizona Teacher of the Year by the Board of Directors and Trustees of the Arizona Educational Foundation congratulating him on his outstanding achievements in the classroom.  Thus, he is given the certificate of excellence in education.

In November 7, 2014, he was awarded by the Arizona Science Teachers Association (ASTA) as the Middle School Science Teacher of the Year, a prestigious honor for teachers like Mr. Gutierrez.  Presently, he teaches 7th/8th grade science in Talented and Gifted Classes in this school.  He determined it was important for him to advance students' knowledge in Science by magnifying STEM in the classroom.  He has been recognized for his innovative classroom management skills to provide inquiry and hands-on lessons, even when challenged by lack of resources and equipment.  He is also an accomplished writer, publishing his book, "I SURVIVE (A Filipino Teacher's Journey to Teaching in the United States)."  

Accordingto Mr. Gutierrez, his book entitled, "I SURVIVE" contains remarkable experiences and notable memoirs that will help Filipino teachers and other educators aspire to teach in the United States.  This story reminds those born in the United States, just how much fortunate they are.  This remarkable story of strength and conviction is for anyone wishing to read an inspirational story that brings laughter, tears, and a grateful heart to all who read it.

In addition, Mr. Gutierrez was wonderfully awarded twice by the Mohave Valley Elementary School District #16 the McKellips Award, in recognition of faculty and staff who go above and beyond their every day work through successful implementation of a unique program or project that exemplifies the mission, vision, and/or core values of the Mohave Valley School District Governing Board in both Spring 2014 and Fall 2012.

Proudly, the Filipino-American educators have all benefited from his expertise and success because he has received numerous awards in recognition of his excellence in teaching science at Mohave School District, Arizona, U.S.A.  He is absolutely a great Filipino teacher.


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The White House Honors a DACAmented Filipino teacher from Los Angeles, California

 We are proud to be introducing, Jaime Ballesteros, DACA Honoree, Chemistry teacher, and Corps Member at Teach for America (TfA), at Los Angeles, CA.


Mr. Jaime Ballesteros is originally from Bacolod City, Philippines.  He is now a Chemistry teacher at Green Dot Public Schools, LA, California, U.S.A.  He is one of the nine DACAmented teachers that White House honors, and names him as Champion of Change for acting as strong role model and "change agent" in his own community.

When President Obama originally announced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in 2012, Mr Ballesteros was eligible for the program.  He studied hard in college, and graduated from Drew University on 2014 with a Bachelor's degree in art history and a minor in chemistry.  Now he becomes a science teacher - Chemistry teacher.

As of March 20, this year, more than 866,638 DACA applications were approved, 223,826 of which were renewals, and Mr. Jaime Ballesteros is recognized from among them as being one of the DACAmented winners for 2015.

He says, "in sharing my story with some of my students, they've also told me that they themselves are undocumented."  He further says, "I've been working with them to look for different colleges and scholarships they can apply to so that's definitely been a powerful experience to do what my teacher did for me in high school."

Mr. Ballesteros is truly an agent of change, and a great teacher. 


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One of the New York City's best and brightest teachers, the NYC DOE Big Apple Awards 2013 recipient, Dr. Marietta Geraldino, is an Educational Leader, Writer, Math Coordinator & the AFTEA, Inc. Consultant.

Proud to be a Filipino teacher! 


Prof. Marietta Geraldino is a Math teacher and coordinator at Frederick Douglass Academy (FDA), a college preparatory school located at Manhattan, New York.  She is currently an adviser director of the Instructional Cabinet Planning Committee, the REACH of Teachers College, Columbia University.

In 2009, she was chosen as one of the five teachers (out of 80,000 NYC educators) featured "TOP OF THEIR CLASS" in the September 7 issue of the NY Daily Newspaper because of the award-winning Merging English and Math (MEM) interdisciplinary curriculum that she co-authored and implemented in that previous year 2008 for the 9th grade English and Algebra classes.  The result must have been good because teachersfrom different schools in Manhattan and the Bronx were sent by their principals to observe their MEM classes.

Due to the literacy component of the program, her principal recommended the MEM curriculum to the NYSEC 2008-2009 Search for Program of Excellence in English Language Literature.  The evaluators were impressed by the integration of Math and English in their classrooms, and more so on making classic novels like "To Kill A Mockingbird" timely and relevant through the math applications.  Hence, the NYSEC award.

On October 22, Prof. Geraldino and her colleague were presenting their project in Albany during the annual conference of the NY State English Council. 

In addition to being the NYC DOE Big Apple Awards 2013 recipient, she has earned impressive accolades, including being named Outstanding Filipino American of New York (TOFA-NY) "Excellence in Education" Award 2014, Pan American Concerned Citizens Action League (PACCAL)'s 2015 Woman Achiever Award for Excellence in the Teaching Profession, Special Award 2015 for Education from UNIFIED, led by its Founding Chair, Ms. Lumen Castaneda, and the 2015 Special Service Award for Education from the Association of Filipino Teachers in Eastern America, Inc. (AFTEA, Inc.).  Dr. Geraldino is absolutely a great Filipino teacher.


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Queens Talented Math Teacher Wins the Outstanding Achievement in Poetry

From the International Society of Poets, these AWARDS are presented to Roger P. Cuerquez, Ph.D. (ABD), New York City DOE Math Teacher/Instructor, AFTEA, Inc. Vice-Chairman of the Internal Affairs, Educational Leader, and AFTEA, Inc. Resource Speaker


Find out his personal website and biodata:




In fact, Prof. Cuerquez authors a book on poetry entitled, "Scratches of Life", a literature which is the immortal part of history where artists, sculptors, designers, essayists, poets, etc. draw vague yet quenching ideas to express what needs to be learned, to share things that are thought provoking and to give way to modern perceptions.

The author hopes that this work will be useful to the reader who searches life by its mysteries, of its complexities and for what it is; and to those whose goal is nothing but to learn. 


Check it out:



Our One of the NASA Researchers and Authors in New York City

Introducing is our fellow Filipino teacher, Mr. Ildefonso Salva, M.A., Electronics Engineer, Researcher, Author, Educational leader and Math teacher of New York City DOE


Professor Ildefonso Salva, the AFTEA, INC. Officer, Resource Speaker, and Math Teacher @ Mott Haven Village Preparatory High School (NYCDOE) is an Electronics Engineer by profession.  He is working with Tanvir Prince, College Mentor, this spring and summer NYCRI. This summer, his NASA team in which he is the only Filipino teacher, is working on the Mathematics behind Image warps and image morphs.  In fact, this is his third year as a researcher with NASA-NYCRI.  

During the 2013 City College Symposium in New York City, his team was chosen to share their research with the educational community, and Prof. Salva was requested to present his NASA research project on "Mathematics Behind Image Compression."  He proudly said, "I just did it!  I happily delivered my presentation to high caliber scholars, teachers, scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and technical people at the City College of New York - Shepard Hall.  It was an awesome experience." 

Prof. Salva's 2013 research project on "Mathematics Behind Image Compression" was published via Journal Of Student Research. 

In 2014, his research project entitled, "Mathematics Behind Image Compression: An Experiment of Mean Compression of Various Sizes and Their Relative Compression Ratio of NASA Images" was published again via "International Journal of Data Envelopment Analysis and *Operations Research*", Science and Education Publishing. 

And now, this year's summer 2015, he recently finished his NASA research project together with other smart guys, and this will be published soon.  Educationally and scientifically, this will bring another honor to the Filipino-American community, especially the Filipino teachers as a result of his expertise and success. 


Please refer to the following links:  


Prof. Salva's NASA research presentation this 2015




Prof. Salva's NASA research presentation in 2014



 Prof. Salva's NASA research presentation in 2013

Our Talented Master Teacher and Model of Math for America in New York City...

Introducing Professor Cesar Ebonia, M.A., Math Teacher, AFTEA, INC. Resource Speaker, and Master Teaching Fellow at New York City, U.S.A.


Prof. Cesar Ebonia is a high school Math teacher at Ebc for Public Service Bushwick School, New York. He already finished his Master's degree in education in the Philippines before he left for New York City.  In addition, he finished his New York State Master Teacher Program New York City in partnership with Math for America.  He is one of the six Filipino teachers teaching science and math who are MfA Master Teachers in New York City.  But Mr. Ebonia is the only Filipino teacher in New York, Washington DC, and Massachusetts who attended to MfA conference training at Park City, Utah, U.S.A.

In addition, Prof. Ebonia was one of the eight teachers who got selected from among hundreds of teachers to model for MfA promotion.  In fact, he appreciates the beauty of teaching from Mathfor America when he said that, "Being generous means that the help extended to students will surely go along way towards their learning experience.  The experience they will gain will truly help them understand better many concepts in math.  I believe that personal experience is a great tool in teaching-learning process with the integration of amazing classroom technology."

Undoubtedly, Mr. Ebonia became the Master Teaching Fellow and the only Filipino teacher as MfA Model for promotion on last March 2015 via the New York City subway cars, and newspapers, through passing the tough selection process, the interview, by the MfA NY Screening Committee consisted of mathematics educators, mathematicians, and MfA staff.

Absolutely, he brings another honor, the "Pinoy Pride", to the Filipino-American community, especially the Filipino teachers as a result of his expertise and success.


Please check it out:






From the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C., Our Outstanding and Inspirational Educator Awards...

Go to Professor Julieta Sasuman, M.A., M.S., English/ESL Teacher/Instructor, Author, AFTEA, INC. Member, English Dept. Chairat New York City DOE and Washington, D.C., U.S.A.


Ms. Julieta Millan-Sasuman started a career in private schools in the Philippines before transitioning to the New York City Department of Education.  After 11 years in the Big Apple, she finally extended her passion for teaching at the Nation's Capital, Washington DC, where she teaches English at an alternative school.  In a non-traditional and rigorous setting, Mrs Sasuman has moved her students toward accumulation of high school credits while developing them love for reading and communication.

At present, Prof. Sasuman is an English Teacher Instructor & member of the Academic Leadership Team at Washington Metropolitan High School, Washington DC, U.S.A.  She is also an Adult Basic Education ESL Instructor of another school, the Next Step Public Charter School at Washington DC.  When she was in New York City Department of Education, she served as English/ESL Instructor, and became the English Department Chair at High School for Civil Rights and Law.

On May 2015, Prof. Sasuman received the Outstanding Educator Award presented by the Washington Metropolitan High School during the Teacher Appreciation Day along with five outstanding educators.  Proudly, Ms. Sasuman was recognized for her efforts in literacy instruction.

On June 2015, Prof. Julieta Sasuman earned another deserving Inspirational Educator Award presented by the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS).  This honor is based on students' votes by ballot for searching educator who inspires a love of learning, is compassionate, and has pushed students to be successful and encourages them to pursue excellence.  Ms. Sasuman was selected as one of them.  In fact, she is the only Filipino teacher being named an Inspirational Educator Awardee in District of Columbia, Washington, D.C.

In addition to being the only Filipino Teacher Awardee/Honoree at Washington DC, she has earned impressive accolades, including being named Monbusho (Japanese Government) Scholarship Award, a highly competitive award on May 1995, and FAPE-LEDCO Scholarship Award (Fund for Assistance to Private Education-Language Education Council ) on March 1985.

Ms. Sasuman is truly an inspiring, and motivational Filipino teacher who represents the Filipino-American community, especially the Filipino teachers as a result of her expertise and success.






Another Filipino Teacher Made It as a Finalist in NYC DOE Big Apple Award 2015!

We are proud to be announcing our Finalist, Professor Rosalinda Bajolo, M.A., Science Teacher, AFTEA, INC. Trainor, Edmodo Trainor, and NYIT Seed Teacher trainor.


Professor Rosalinda Bajolo is a Science Teacher at I.S. 230 in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City. Presently, she is one of the Cohort 2 Seed Teachers, and one of the Edmodo Teacher trainors as well in New York City Department of Education in partnership with the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), New York.

On June 15, 2015, she was awarded with certificate of recognition as one of the 40 Finalists selected from among the 4,500 nominated teachers in New York City Department of Education Big Apple Awards. The Big Apple Award ceremony is the culmination of a rigorous process that includes community nominations, principal and colleague recommendations, applicant essays, an interview, and a classroom observation.  Out of 4,500 nominated teachers from 1,200 schools across the city with tough selection process from initial screening to interviews, Ms. Bajolo, is among the 40 advancing teachers to the finalist round who received a classroom visit in her school.

In recognizing the Teacher Excellence in New York City,  NYC DOE Chancellor Farina said, "Big Apple Awards recognize the transformational impact great teachers have on our students and families every single day."  In addition, our Big Apple Teacher Excellence Finalist, Prof. Bajolo, even said that, "I am serving an awesome God who showers me with this tidbits of life!  He who began a good work in you is faithful to complete in you."  

Ms. Bajolo is truly an inspiring, and motivational Filipino teacher who represents the Filipino-American community, especially the Filipino teachers in this Annual culmination of Big Apple Awards in New York City. 


Please check it out: 








Goes to Prof. Marvin Cadornigara, M.A., Science Teacher , and Researcher of New York City Department of Education


This Award is given to Mr. Marvin Cadornigara for being the winner of a 2015 Blackboard Award from New York Family in recognition of his Outstanding Work for New York City Students that was held in New York Institute of Technology, New York on June 8, 2015.  There were only fifteen finest teachers from around the city who were honored and recognized for their excellence in education, and Mr. Cadornigara is one of them, and the only Filipino teacher on record. 


Find out the links: 


Prof. Cadornigara was the recipient of EXCELLENCE IN SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY AWARD on July 30, 2014 that honored individuals who has applied best practices in technology and education in New York City Department of Education Public Schools.  Marvin Cadornigara, science teacher, and the only Filipino teacher, was one of the 17 recipients, who received this Excellence in School Technology Awards in New York City. 





One of the Most Distinguished Filipino Women of New York in 2015

This AWARD goes to Ms. Venessa Manzano, Founder,  Educational leader and Volunteer. 


Professor Venessa Manzano is a graduate from the Columbia University in the City of New York.  She is presently working at the Columbia University Medical Center as a Director of Development, Foundation Relations.

On March 18, 2015, Prof. Manzano was awarded by the Philippine Consulate General of New York as one of the four honorees, whose most important achievement was the establishment of the Filipino School of New York and New Jersey. "This Distinguished Filipino Women 2015 event was a singular occasion for the Filipino-American community in the US Northeast to honor Filipino-American women who have achieved excellence in the professional and personal lives, and whose success has brought honor to the Filipino-American community," Consul General Mario de Leon Jr. said during his remarks.

When Prof. Manzano founded, and established the School of New York and New Jersey in 2008, she has educationally inspired the Filipino-Americans because the Filipino School promotes the teaching of language and arts, and the understanding of Philippine Culture, values and tradition to students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12 whose curriculum follows both the New York State Education Department's Learning Standards for the Arts, and the State of New Jersey's Core Curriculum Content Standards for Language Arts Literacy.  

Absolutely, she sincerely understands and appreciates the grace of serving the fellow Filipino-American community when she emphasizes that it's just great to see how when it comes to educating children about our culture, everyone comes together and offers to help.  Which is how all things should be in the Filipino community where it truly takes a village to raise a child. 

In addition to being the founder and director of the abovementioned Filipino school, she has earned impressive accolades, including being named Outstanding Filipino American of New York (TOFA-NY) Award, Youth & Sports Category, 2011, and FAHSN Metro NY Chapter "Contributions to Excellence" Award, 2011.


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Another Great Teacher, An Inspiring Filipino Teacher in New York City Department of Education

This HONOR goes to Prof. Michaela Uyam Pestejo, M.A., Math Teacher, and Math Mentor at the Collegiate Institute for Math and Science.

Prof. Michaela Pestejo, is one of the most prolific educators, who was recruited under the New York City DOE’s International Teacher Program from the Philippines.  She finished her Bachelor's degree in mathematics, and graduated cum laude, and then her Master of Arts in Education major in mathematics.  

Here in New York City, she was one of the semi-finalists of the NYC DOE Big Apple Award competition that was held two years ago.  And now, on May 29, 2015, Prof. Pestejo is one of the Honorees, the only Filipino teacher, the Pillars of Education in the great State of New York who received a CITATION for being an outstanding individual.

In fact, part of her Principal's introduction, Mr. Nelson said that, "To separate the good teachers from the great teachers, there are some skills that we cannot just teach to teachers because they come with passion, strength, and willingness to go up and beyond so that each and every student's needs in the classroom are met... She has inspired her students to a point where they're not only working for themselves anymore but they're working for her. That ability is something special. This is just one of the innate skills that Michaela has and I want to say in front of everybody that I love you and I appreciate you!"

Absolutely, Ms. Michaela Pestejo, is really a great teacher who is worthy of esteem of both the Community and the great State of New York as awarded by Assemblyman Mark Gnonaj.





The Extraordinary Filipino Teacher who received Numerous Awards

These Awards go to Mr. Isagani Celzo, Math Instructional Coach and AP Calculus, and Geometry teacher at Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), California, U.S.A.
Extreme poverty did not keep Isagani Celzo from fulfilling his dream of becoming a teacher.  In the Philippines, while working as janitor, he earned an academic scholarship and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in mathematics at age 20.  Now, in the U.S.A., Isagani, a National Board Certified math teacher, is an exceptional educator who cares passionately about his students and the community.  He is a founding member of School of Social Justice where he currently teaches geometry and AP calculus.  He is a catalyst to educational transformation in a neighborhood that struggles with poverty, drug use and crime.  To bolster mathematics achievement, he analyzed student data and designed the Predictor Model, a statistical correlation which is instrumental in the school's higher CAHSEE passing rate.  His students' 2013 state assessment scores ranked the Best CST Summative HS Math out of 71 LAUSD-ISIC high schools.  In 2014, through Mr. Celzo's instruction and leadership, his own school, School of Social Justice ranked 2nd Best CAHSEE Math scores with 91.5% passing rate.  Mr. Celzo is truly a student advocate, and has the expertise and determination to ensure that every student achieves at the optimum level. 
Mr. Celzo has earned impressive accolades, including being named People Magazine's People All Star Teacher, Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice, LAUSD Teacher of the Year, UTLA Platinum Award, LAUSD-ISIC Model Math Classroom, and Teacher Recognitions from US Second Lady Jill Biden and 27th District Congresswoman Dr. Judy Chu.
Mr. Celzo also helps elevate the teaching profession as Teacher Growth and Development Cycle Lead, LAUSD Newly Hired Teachers support provider, and National Board Certification support provider.
Check these links:

Our 2015 Metropolitan Baltimore Association of Black School Educators TEACHER OF THE YEAR AWARD

This AWARD goes to Professor Rogie Legaspi, M.Ed, Science teacher at Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.


Rogie Legaspi is the President of the Filipino Educators in Maryland, Inc.  He is a teacher trainer, educational leader, and resource speaker, and the only Filipino executive board member of the Baltimore Teachers Union. Rogie, a science teacher, and the only Filipino teacher as well, is one of the three (3) recipients, who received this Baltimore Association of Black Educators (MBABSE) Teacher of the Year Award on May 15, 2015.

Professor Legaspi said, "I want to dedicate this God's blessing to my family, friends, colleagues, and students whose support continue to challenge and inspire me to be at my very best especially when it is most difficult."

Proudly, the Filipino-American educators have all benefited from his expertise and success because he has received numerous awards in recognition of his leadership and excellence in teaching at Baltimore City Public Schools.  He is absolutely a great Filipino teacher.


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Our 2012 - 2013 Virginia Northampton County Public Schools Division Teacher of the Year

This AWARD goes to Professor Edgardo Castro, M.S. Ed, ELL Teacher


Kiptopeke English Language Learner teacher Edgardo 'Gary' Castro confers with student Jose Gomez in Stacee Bell's 5th grade classroom. Castro was appointed by Gov. Bob McDonnell from over 500 applicants for his Teacher Cabinet. The group has a Nov. 15 deadline to deliver to the governor a set of recommendations for improving the quality of instruction, reducing administrative burdens for teachers, and involving parents and the community in education.

Kiptopeke Principal Subrina Owens-Parker was pleased with the appointment.

“Mr. Castro was selected as Teacher of the Year not only for this building, but he was the school division’s Teacher of the Year as well,” she said. “What better candidate to have than your finest in the Teacher’s Cabinet?"

Mr. Castro said, as an English language learners (ELL) teacher in one of the rural schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia, in which, 18% of our school's population are mostly Hispanics it is highly critical to teach both language and content especially the wide range of proficiency in English language levels of our ELLs in four domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Thus, embedded language and content lessons are inseparable in Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

However, my 9 years experience as a general classroom teacher (3rd, 2nd, 5th, and 6th grades) has helped me tremendously to cater the needs of my ELLs. For instance, I would implement a differentiated remediation activities that focus with specificity of certain skill/s both language and content of the lesson. On the other hand, while teaching the skill to my ELLs it is my rule of thumb to differentiate the presentation styles, such as, I would present the lesson in multimodal strategy that will capture their interests in audio(listening) - teacher talking with realia or props and video presentation - so my ELLs will be able to see and hear at the same time the importance of the skill/topic, then,  I would relate it to authentic, realistic, outside of the school experience. At the end of the day, I would reflect what strategies worked best and how I can improve my teaching to better enhance my ELLs student achievement. 


Check these links:




AFTEA, INC.'s Sponsorship of the Professional Development on Edmodo

The Association of Filipino Teachers in Eastern America, Inc. (AFTEA, INC.) wishes to thank the participants of attending to a scholastic program, a professional development, for teachers focusing on the use of EDMODO. This year's professional development was scheduled on last April 6, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. that was held at The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC), formerly the Lovin Life Learning Center, located at 4 West 43rd Street, corner 5th Avenue, Manhattan, New York, NY 10036.

Edmodo is a "social learning platform" website for teachers, students, and parents. It is marketed as the Facebook for schools.

Using Edmodo, teachers can invite students into private groups that can be used for online classroom discussions, but in a format that keeps the teacher firmly in control. Teachers give students a class signup code, which can be deactivated once all students have signed up, and students in turn are encouraged to share the code with their parents, allowing them to monitor their own child's activity. As an invitation-only social network, Edmodo is meant to mirror a secure offline classroom that intruders cannot access, with rules of decorum enforced by software. For example, students are not allowed to pass private messages to other students in class. They can post only to the group or the teacher, and group messages can be moderated by the teacher.

The AFTEA, INC. officers and members headed by our own chairman, Dr. Eufemia Patron, were working together to make this project a reality for the purpose of helping teachers of any grade to go deeper technologically.

Of course, our speaker, freshly sharing the AFTEA, INC.'s mission and vision with the Filipino teachers in the Philippines during the National Digital EDUCATOR'S Summit (NDES), was no other than, our 2014 NYC DOE Excellence in School Technology Awardee, Prof. Marvin Cadornigara, who was also assisted by other Edmodo trainors: Ms. Rosalinda Bajolo and Vivian Alforque.


Links of interest?   Check:



AFTEA, INC.'s Participation in NDES, Philippines


Marvin Cadornigara, the Resource Speaker

The Association of Filipino Teachers in Eastern America (AFTEA, INC.), joyfully, gratefully, and humbly announces the participation of 2014 NYC DOE EXCELLENCE IN SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY AWARDEE, Prof. Marvin Cadornigara, in the National Digital Educators’ Summit (NDES), as speaker, who represented on behalf of AFTEA, INC.  This year’s Summit was held at St. Jude Catholic School, Manila, Philippines from February 20 through February 22. 

Please check it out at:, and

Prof. Marvin Cadornigara, an AFTEA, INC. active member, shared his workshop and professional development presentations specifically on online assessments, and other online professional development as well, with fellow teachers back home during his "Balik-Turo" or "Return to Teach" community service including NDES, Philippines.



2009 National Finalist/First Runner-Up of the U.S. National Technology-Inspired Leadership 


Our Finalist/First Runner-Up goes to Nerissa Linell "Joy" Calub, Ed.D., Ph.D., Teacher of Sheephead Bay High School, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A., and the AFTEA, INC. Consultant, and Founding Officer/Initial Director of the corporation. 


Dr. Calub is one of the most prolific educators, who was recruited under the New York City DOE’s International Teacher Program, from the Philippines who never had a full instructional  program the moment she started as a Special Education/ELA  teacher at Sheepshead Bay High School in 2004. With a very exhaustive educational management background in the Philippines and the willingness to learn a new academic system particularly on  special education matters, Dr. Calub was immediately appointed as the Coordinator of her school’s New York State Alternate Assessment Program and the Coordinator of the Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS). The successes and the good feedback on how the two programs were operated under the helm of Dr. Calub led Principal Reesa Levy to appoint her as the Department Head  of the  Independent Study Program which is a technology-based, highly-interactive curriculum specifically designed for severely  at-risk students who have believed  that the regular school setting is not a venue for them to recover or obtain credits and then earn a high school diploma which will help them transition to college and the world of work. 

Provided with all the essential technology resources and a state-of-the-art, standards-driven curriculum under the Plato Learning Environment’s Secondary Solutions, Dr. Calub did not hesitate to pioneer the implementation of the Independent Study Program in 2007 which had 110 students as its first batch and 8 subject specialists closely collaborating with her. Dr Calub took the leadership, in close coordination with the stakeholders like assistant principals, guidance counselors, related service providers, parents, and the under-credited students themselves,   in planning and developing the systems required in line with orientation, enrollment, academic counseling, progress tracking, credit accrual, and even preparation of the student-clientele for high-stakes assessments like the SAT and the New York State Regents examinations.   Dr. Calub also took the initiative to immerse the students to other  online learning systems to further enrich the program’s web-initiated teaching-learning instructional approach.

The only mechanism that the online Independent Study Program’s success could be measured was on the student’s participation and graduation rates which certainly surpassed expectations. Through the early years of its implementation, between 90-98% of the at-risk student-clientele were able to avail of the program’s alternate path for high school success by obtaining their high school diploma on time with their batch mates. Dr. Calub was recognized  for taking a leap of faith in accepting the challenge of overseeing the program and ensuring the realization of its objective – providing severely under-credited students a technology-based pathway to satisfy academic requirements for on-time high school graduation. Hence, Dr. Calub was nominated and eventually represented New York City and New York state to the highly-competitive 2009 U.S. National Inspired Leadership Awards sponsored by Plato Learning Environment which earned her a national finalist spot for having been declared as the  first runner-up awardee.      

Dr. Calub transferred to School for Classics in 2012 and  pioneered its online Independent Study Program as an after-school academic program as well as the department lead of Special Education, Transition Planning Services and New York State Alternate Assessment. She has sustained her passion to ensure that at-risk students, either in the general education or special education programs, obtain their high school diploma on time or better prepared for college and their future career. Currently, Dr. Calub sits on a per-diem basis in the New York State Education Department’s Teacher Certification Review Committee. Having completed with flying colors the Leadership Academy and even with the NYSED-issued school and district leadership licenses under her belt, Dr. Calub  has taken careful steps to decide in changing career paths in this time of her professional life.   Certainly, she has the best of both worlds as going back to the Philippines is also a no-nonsense option as she  has the Career Executive Service Officer  (CESO) credentials to be appointed in any directorship position in the Department of Education or in any of the departments.



Brooklyn Science Teacher Wins a SLOAN Award

This Award goes to Maria Cheryl Diangco, M.S. 

AP Biology, Science Research Teacher

Sheepshead Bay High School

In 2004, when Professor Maria Cheryl Diangco arrived at Sheepshead Bay High School as a foreign teaching recruit from the Philippines, student science research was virtually defunct. The rest of the school was not doing any better. In the past seven years the school has made a giant shift, and Ms.Diangco was part of the team that engineered the dramatic turnaround. Sheepshead Bay now boasts a science curriculum and research program with real credibility.

Ms. Diangco has propelled her students—and other students at the school—to pursue science research through projects, competitions, and summer research programs at CUNY, all of which have influenced their career choices. “Because of her there were science students that excelled,” said a former student, now a biology major at Brooklyn College. And as part of Sheepshead Bay’s “restart” effort, Ms.Diangco is coordinating its new Science Research Academy, which offers students the opportunity to take additional science courses—marine science, aviation, biodiversity, meteorology, geology—throughout their four years. “She’s got a spirit that’s so lively and upbeat that you’re happy to be there, even though it’s AP biology first period,” said a junior.



THE INFLECTION POINT - Seizing Opportunities in adversity


Mayette Timblaco Geraldino, Ph.D., the AFTEA, INC. Consultant


The Inflection Point is an online magazine about life's "defining moments." Its founding editor and publisher is Mayette Timblaco Geraldino: wife, mother, math educator, and the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) Big Apple Awards 2013 recipient.


View all her posts at: 




Bronx Math Teacher Wins Sloan Award

This award goes to Prof. Aristides Uy



Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Geometry
International Community High School

A brilliant mathematician, originally from the Philippines, Aristides Uy could have taught at a specialized school. Wanting to have the greatest impact, however, he chose the International Community High School (ICHS) in the South Bronx, where all the students are recent immigrants. Compassionate and patient, Mr. Uy combines a highly structured, but participatory, classroom approach with innovative, hands-on projects. He built a unit on the "Jeepney" commuter system in the Philippines; another had students design and construct, with goggles and blowtorches, a plumbing system. A former student, now in college, says, "He lives his job and lives for his students, and because of that, he became the role model I needed. I owe him everything." 



Mr. Cadornigara's Scenes and Senses


Mr. Marvin Cadornigara, the AFTEA, INC. active member, wishes to share his workshop and professional development presentations to fellow teachers and all other people who believe that one's failures in education are a learned treasures of the past  while one's successes need to be celebrated with the world!



The "Return to Share" program or "Balik Turo" in the Philippines


Dr. Alma E. Ang, the President/Chairman of the Association of Filipino Teachers in Eastern America, Inc. (AFTEA, INC.), Washington D.C. chapter, committed to serve the educational community at the University of San Jose Recoletos, Faculty Association, Inc., Cebu City, Philippines by sharing with them her valuable time and expertise on the Updates of American Educational System as Resource Person that was held on September 5, 2014. 




Sharing something at the Sandiwaan Center for Learning, Quezon City, Philippines


Pancho Bernaldez, the AFTEA, INC. Founding Chairman, visited the Sandiwaan Center for Learning, headed and supported by Fr. Benigno P. Beltran, a luminary, who works at the Society of the Divine Word at Cubao, Quezon City, Manila. 


Please refer to the following links:


The new NYC DOE Big Apple Awards recipient 2014 - one of the New York City's best and brightest teachers goes to Prof. Ramil Buenaventura.


7th and 8th grade Math teacher, Renaissance Charter School (84Q705)


Ramil Buenaventura moved to New York after 13 years as a school teacher and administrator in the Philippines. With ten years under his belt working here, his classroom provides exceptional examples of integrating mathematical practices and common core standards into math lessons. Ramil uses project-based learning, "pi" challenges, and student-created videos to help his class achieve.  And he continues to maintain a close relationship with his country of origin: After Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines last fall, he coordinated a School Relief Drive for victims with his advisory class. All of his efforts, Ramil says, are worth it for the success he sees in his students: “This is the essence of why I am a teacher.  As I see these gains and successes, they challenge me to gain more so I can give more.”



The New York City Department of Education Chancellor, Carmen Farina (right), was present during this momentous event to congratulate Prof. Ramil Buenaventura, the awardee, upon receiving the NYC Big Apple Award.




The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew, also joined and congratulated the 2014 NYC DOE Big Apple Awards recipients, including Prof. Ramil Buenaventura (wearing a white long-sleeve), for their spectacular achievements in the field of education.




"Return to Share" Professional Development by Prof./Engr. Ildefonso Salva, the AFTEA, INC. Vice-Chairman

My "Balik Turo" mission to the Electromechanic Students of CITE (Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise), Technical Institute, Cebu City, Philippines.  Title of seminar: "Mathematics Behind image compression."



"Return to Share" Professional Development by Elsie Paragas Reyes

Seminar Workshop on Differentiated Instruction

I have the opportunity to share my instructional experiences to my alma mater, Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School Faculty, Zamboanga City, Philippines.  I hope they learn something from me... This is a "Balik Turo" program initiated by the Association of Filipino Teachers in Eastern America.

 New York City Professional Development by Marvin Cadornigara


            To extend to the teaching community one’s joys and successes in the classroom pedagogy is indeed a rewarding experience. To share such with our Filipino teachers back in our country is even more fulfilling.

            To some of us who do not get the prized chance to go home and participate in the Balik Turo program, the opportunity can still be afforded in the city.

            I celebrated my students’ project achievements for the first time in New York City when I presented at the New York City Writing Project’s 12th Teacher-to-Teacher conference at the Lehman College in 2010. I shared the use of RAFT (Role-Audience-Format-Topic) as an interesting and creative way of explaining scientific concepts as a classroom project for my high school and 7th grade students. During this workshop, the practice of giving students the opportunity to assume a scientific role and choose an appropriate format of writing to explain a scientific concept learned was demonstrated.  The teacher-participants went through a simplified version of the RAFT activity and discussed the potential of this activity for use in their own classrooms. They were also treated with actual outstanding project outputs generated through this writing activity from the classroom.


            In 2011, along with a colleague, I again conducted a workshop during the 13th Teacher-to-Teacher conference, sponsored by the New York City Writing Project and held at the Lehman College. The workshop titled “Connecting Bioinformatics and Writing in the Biology Classroom” explored the writing activities that follow some Bioinformatics lessons in Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Proteomics in our 10th grade and 7th grade Living Environment classes. In this workshop, the use of Bioinformatics as a lesson tool was discussed, and the students’ writing outputs from the lessons were showcased as samples and for evaluation.  Teacher-participants had the chance to explore Bioinformatics in one lesson activity, before the presenters discussed the potential of these writing activities for other interested teachers.


            I had the chance to conduct three workshop presentations this year, starting with “The Use of ICTs in Enhancing Scientific Inquiry toward the New Literacies” during the 36th Annual SCONYC Conference at the Stuyvesant High School.  The presentation explored the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the Science classroom.  The ICTs were used by students to identify questions, then locate, evaluate, and synthesize the information, and finally, communicate the answers to these questions, in order to enhance their scientific inquiry skills. In this workshop, teacher-participants were introduced to the use of social media networking as an avenue for classroom interaction. On the class webpage, students not only accessed their lesson notes, their project profiles, and homework assignments, but also responsibly interacted with each other. With the use of Edmodo ( as the class social media network webpage, students posted their homework assignments, their projects, and their laboratory reports where they also commented and evaluated on each other’s outputs.


            The second workshop done this year was in collaboration with many other teacher- presenters during the New York Institute of Technology’s “2013 NYIT Cyber-Enabled Learning Institute” held at the New York Institute of Technology Manhattan Campus. In this presentation, the use of Edmodo as a social networking class webpage was discussed. The usefulness of Edmodo as an opportunity for sharing and interacting among students while they were learning the new literacies, utilizing the information and communication technologies learned in class, and achieving a higher level of scientific inquiry among the students was also presented and endorsed.


            The third one done this year was titled “ICTs: Writing Tools in the Science Classroom”, and was presented at the New York City Writing Project’s 15th Teacher-to-Teacher conference at the Lehman College.  This workshop provided the teacher-participants with a closer look at the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in writing projects and laboratory reports in the Science classroom.  They were able to examine how the use of ICTs in the Science classroom allowed 6th grade students to accomplish literary projects, summary reports and laboratory reports using various computer and internet technologies.  They were also able to observe how these writing outputs were posted on the class’ social media network page, where students evaluated and provided feedback on each other’s finished outputs. Those who were interested in using ICTs in their respective classroom also benefited from the presenter’s insights in the use of these technologies and guidance in their future use of technology in the classroom.


Please visit my links:

Our "Return to Share" or "Balik Guro/Turo" program 2012


The Regional Teacher Education Student Congress sponsored by PAFTE hosted about 2,000 participants coming from 53 colleges/universities with Teacher Education in the Philippine Republic's Region X, Northern Mindanao, which comprises five provinces and nine cities, namely: 1.) Bukidnon with Valencia City and Malaybalay City; 2.) Camiguin; 3.) Lanao del Norte with Iligan City; 4.) Misamis Occidental with Oroquita City, Tangub City, and Ozamis City, and; 5.) Misamis Oriental with Cagayan de Oro City, Gingoog City, and El Salvador City.


AFTEA, INC. Member:   Prof. Roger Cuerquez

Participants:  Student teaching directors, teachers, and student teachers   

"Return to Teach" Summer 2012 in the Philippines


AFTEA, INC. Member:   Mr. Pancho Bernaldez

Participants:  Student teaching directors, teachers, and student teachers   

"Return to Teach" Summer 2012 in the Philippines


We have sincerely appreciated the contributors who have rendered invaluable service during the AFTEA, INC.'s "Balik Turo" Summer 2012.  This  special acknowledgement goes to:

  •  Dr. Alma Ang, and chapter members - Washington, D.C.
  •  Aristides Uy - New York City
  •  Charlie Fabella - New York City
  • Elizabeth Martin -New York City
  • Derrick Casinillo - North Carolina
  • Eloisa Villanueva - New York City
  • Alma Pabololot - New York City
  • Cecilia Rosacena, and chapter members - Maryland
  • Rosalina Fabe - Maryland
  • Marcelo Inot - New York City
  • Resource Speakers, and
  • All Chapter Officers, Members and Non-members



Contributors who have rendered invaluable service during the AFTEA, INC.'s        "Balik Turo" 2009:

  1. Dr. Nerissa Linell Calub ( AFTEA's Consultant) - New York City
  2. Marcelo Inot (PRO) - New York City
  3. Unesima Malibiran (Secretary) - New York City
  4. Edna Alcantara (Treasurer) - New York City
  5. Cesar Ebonia (Asst. Secretary) - New York City
  6. Celeste Casinillo (Auditor) - New York City
  7. Pops Singson (Vice-Chairman) - New York City
  8. Dara Valconcha (Asst. Secretary) - New York City
  9. Irene Neri (Brooklyn Representative) - New York City
  10. Ma. Eloisa Villanueva - New York City
  11. Rocheli Apilan - New York City
  12. Alma Pabololot - New York City
  13. Peter Baillo - New York City
  14. Emelinda Baillo - New York City
  15. Rosalina Fabe - Maryland
  16. Cecilia Rosacena (Maryland Chapter Chairman) - Maryland
  17. Lovely Gaspar (Maryland Chapter Vice-Chairman) - Maryland
  18. Clemente Macallop -Maryland
  19. Derrick Casinillo - North Carolina
  20. Resource Speakers, and
  21. All Chapter Officers, Representatives and Members/Non-members 

Teacher lecturer during the Professional
Development in Queens, NY
         Roger Cuerquez                               2007                        New York City

Our 1st sponsored Grant Proposal Writing  and Workshop - June 2, 2012


No upcoming events


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