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With our upcoming wonderful group projects this year, we've continued to establish a permanent foothold in the field of education for the common good.

Minutes of the meeting as prepared by Dr. Leonarda Villaceran:

Saturday, January 22, 2022. AFTEA Executive Virtual Board Meeting (7-9 PM)

In Attendance: Essy, Fem, Vivian, Elsie, Tenet, Jo, Regine, Evelyn, Anthony, Beth

  • Prayer led by Essy
  • Reading and approval of minutes from previous meeting

Objective:  To discuss an update on the unfinished AFTEA business


Business Arising from previous minutes

  • Welcoming Tenet and Evelyn as new members of the Board of Directors
  • Reading of the Duties and Responsibilities of the IT director and Academic Coordinators
  • Maintaining only one website for AFTEA under the supervision of the IT director
  • Drafting a timeline for quarterly PD’s (virtual and face to face for all subject areas, developing modules and other resources
  • Designating Dr. Vivian as overall in-charge of all PD related activities in all subject areas

IREC updates

  • To be conducted face to face, venue is NYC
  • Scheduled every last week of July beginning 2022
  • LPU Batch 2 will present their paper during this year’s IREC
  • Acceptance of research papers will be ongoing
  • Call for paper deadline for this year’s IREC is end of February 2022
  • All committees have been assigned to various committee heads and members (see attached paper for details)
  • Two scheduled tours to provide options
  • Call for paper must start as soon as possible
  • Paper presenter will be charged $600 and participants will be charged $400 except those who are from NYC ($150)

Membership Online Registration, Recruitment and Information Dissemination

  • Encouraging everyone to invite friends and colleagues to join AFTEA and pay $30 registration fee to become a member
  • Aklan Catholic College, Bicol State College of Applied Science and Technology (c/o Dr Jake Laguador) and Network of Professional
  • Educational Researchers (c/o Dr Norma Menez) expressed their desire to join this year’s IREC.

Meeting adjourned at 9 pm, next meeting is February 6, 2022




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